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Tel: 02/246.00.00
Fax: 02/246.00.01


Antargaz Belgium N.V., R.P.R. Brussel
Registered office: De Kleetlaan 5A, 1831 Diegem
Company number: 0881.334.278

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Natural gas or electricity?

Tel: 078/77.77.77

Gas in cylinders?

Tel: 02/246.00.86
Fax: 02/246.00.87

Gas in tanks?

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Tel: 02/246.00.46
SMS: 0476/246.246
Fax: 0800/57.247 (free)
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Tel: 02/246.00.66
Fax: 02/246.00.67
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Tel: 02/246.00.76
Fax: 02/246.00.77
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Tel: 02/246.00.96
Fax: 02/246.00.97
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